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Maison Clas Gruner Sterner Pendant

Maison Clas Gruner Sterner Pendant

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Inspired by the Maison Clas Gruner Sterner designed by Ernest Delune, this pendant reflects our interpretation of the jewelry version of this piece of artwork.

Entirely hand made in Argentium Sterling Silver, the focal point is a large 18mm Milky Aquamarine cabochon weighing 21.68 carats.  Etched and shiny finishes adorn the surrounding rings around this beautiful gemstone.  The top plate is hand engraved with various floral motifs complementary to the original design.  Pave, bead set and flush set stones adorn the top as follows:  (3) three 2.75 mm color sapphires, (7) seven 1.4mm white sapphires, (10) ten 1.5 mm blue/green sapphires and (4) 2mm color sapphires for a total of 24 stones.  The back has additional hand engraving featuring florals from the window scenes.  A hand patina has been added for a dimensional effect.

Specs: weight 24.7 grams

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